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Presently, medical science includes various kinds of imaging test to develop the procedure of treatment for different kinds of health issues. An MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) is a very common procedure. It involves the radio waves and a strong magnetic field to make the detailed images of the tissues and organs in your body. It is a painless and non-invasive procedure. The main difference between an MRI scan and the traditional X-ray is that an MRI scan does not involve ionizing radiations which are potentially harmful to the human body. You can choose one of the best MRI centers in Hyderabad to make an MRI scan.

Uses of an MRI scan

The researchers, scientists, and doctors use the MRI scan to get the detailed internal views of the human body. Here are given some used of an MRI scan.

  • Anomalies of the spinal cord and the brain
  • Tumor, cysts and other kinds of anomalies which are present in the human body
  • Screening of breast cancer of the women who have the risk for breast cancer
  • Some kinds of heart diseases
  • Abnormal injuries of the joints like knee and back
  • Diseases of abdominal organ and liver diseases
  • To evaluate women’s pelvic pain which include endometriosis and fibroids
  • To evaluate the infertility of the women when it is related to the suspension of uterine anomalies

Benefits of an MRI scan

There are many benefits for making an MRI scan. Some of these benefits are given below.

  • Safety: The radiologists always try to use the lowest amount of radio waves to make different types of X-rays. There is a high risk for the children and the pregnant women to us the radiation to get the internal images of the body parts. This is a major benefit of an MRI scan that it involves a different kind of radiation and it is the safest way for the patients to make the internal images of the body parts. This procedure is a non-invasive and safer procedure than an angiography which is made for the patients who have the problem for blood vessels and heart. Sometimes, the medical tests involve the application of contrast dye which helps to create the interpretation accurately of the images. An MRI scan involves the contrast dye which is less resulting allergic reaction compared with the other kinds of imaging tests which include contrast dyes based on iodine.
  • The versatility of an MRI scan: The versatility is also an important benefit of an MRI scan. An MRI scan is advantageous to detect a wide range of health issues and to prepare the plans for the treatment of various kinds of health problems like abnormalities of bone, cancer, heart, and vascular diseases and muscular problems. This procedure also reveals the abnormalities of the brain and spinal cord, liver diseases, and injuries. The MRI scan helps to identify the cause for the pelvic pain of the women who have endometriosis and fibroids.

Risks for an MRI scan

There are some kinds of risks to make an MRI scan. These risks are given below.

  • The possibilities of reactions of metals for using the magnetic field in the procedure of an MRI scan
  • Hearing issues can cause due to loud noises of the machine used in an MRI scan
  • Body temperature may be increased during the processing period of an MRI scan
  • Claustrophobia involves a situation of phobia which is triggered by the irritation and fear of tight

You should inform your physician if you have implants like an IUD (Intrauterine Device), eye implants, a pacemaker, and artificial joints.

fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging)

In recent years the medical technology has developed for imaging scan to get more wafer-thin images and 3D images of soft tissues and organs. This technique is more advantageous to detect the abnormalities and cause for the diseases. This procedure includes the help to detect the diseases and the help the doctors to get the ideas about the internal mental procedure to understand the way of feeling as well as thinking. It also helps to detect whether you are telling the lie or truth. The procedure of fMRI follows the same method of MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) which involves non-invasive procedure using the radiation and strong magnetic field to make the detailed images of your body parts. But, the fMRI helps to look the blood circulation in the brain to identify the areas of activity. The captured changes of blood flow help the doctors to understand the working procedure of your brain in detail.

Uses of fMRI scan

There are several uses of fMRI scan and some of these are:

  • To identify the part of your brain which handles the critical functions like speech, thoughts, sensation, and movements which are named as brain mapping
  • To make an assessment of the effects of trauma, stroke and degenerative disease like Alzheimer’s disease which is involved in the functioning of the brain
  • To check the functional anatomy of your brain
  • To monitor the function and growth of the brain tumor
  • To make the guideline of making surgical procedure, radiation therapy and other kinds of invasive treatment for your brain

Benefits of fMRI scan

The procedure of fMRI includes different types of benefits and some of these are:

  • fMRI is a non-invasive procedure of imaging which is not involved the ionizing radiation.
  • fMRI offers help to the doctors to make the evaluation both the organ structure and the working procedure of the organ.
  • fMRI helps to discover the abnormalities of the bone which cannot be detected by the other kinds of procedure of imaging.
  • Risks for fMRI scan
  • If the safety procedure of the fMRI is maintained, the risks can be avoided. Some of the risks are:
  • Sometimes, using of excessive sedation can cause the risk which can be controlled by the proper monitoring of the nurses and technologists.
  • If you have implanted devices for medical purpose containing the metal component, it can cause a problem during the procedure of fMRI.
  • fMRI involves a high amount of gadolinium-based contrast substance which may cause complication for the patients who have poor functioning of kidney.

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