Get Smoother Skin the Safer Way


Vermaderm can be used for several aesthetic treatments. It can help revive and smoothen skin, contour the body, and tighten skin. This allows for a younger appearance without going through surgery. The technology has an electromagnetic radiation that has a minimum of 850 nm and a maximum of 1750 nm.

This then penetrates your skin as deep as 4mm. The fluency of the energy can be adjusted to control the thermal and heat effects. Intracellular fluid absorbs the radiation; this then warms the collagen fibers. Several of these cycles will result in stronger long term effects of skin firmness and tightness while tissue surrounding the area is undamaged.

Skin Tightening

This reduces the appearance of wrinkles, creases, sagging and loose skin, and skin folds in an effective and simple way. This treatment can help remove old dead skin cells and promote the development of new collagen fibers underneath your skin. This will make sagging or wrinkled skin appear more full – the new collagen after the treatment can remain for years. There is no irritation that is visible after the treatment. Treatment seems to be painless and you will not require anaesthesia. The treatment is also clinically proven to help rejuvenate skin.

What machines are used for skin tightening?

Rapid tight machine – this machine uses Vermaderm technology.  The Rapid Tight machine has a simple user interface which is relatively easy to learn. It also has an easy set up and can be used many times in one day.

More machines that use VermaDerm for skin tightening

  • Rapid Firm machine which uses radio frequency.
  • Omnimax s4 also uses DPC, radio frequency, and lasers.
  • Omnimax s3 also uses DPC and radio frequency.

Skin Rejuvenation

This treatment targets fine lines, sunspots, elastosis, enlarge pores, mottled pigmentation, dyschromia, broken capillaries, spider veins, dyschromia, and several others. Damaged collagen is replaced.

Stretch marks

Stretch marks occur when elastin and collagen break in the skin, leaving behind a scar. The light technology then works to produce new tissue and collagen. The process can improve the skin’s elasticity and smooth the skin, improving the color of the stretch marks. The technology can be adjusted to suit age, stretch mark color, and the patients needs.

Wrinkle Reduction

The treatment will create collagen fills and will result in smoother skin. This will greatly reduce the appearance of wrinkles with results most commonly long lasting. This alternative will also allow you to avoid the dangerous risk of skin surgery. It also has a cheaper cost and not as many side effects. There is no unattractive evidence once finished with the treatment.

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