Greatest Advantages of Healthcare Software Companies in the New Normal


In light of the coronavirus pandemic, many healthcare software companies are stepping up to provide an ultimate solution in health. Medtech organizations are trying, by all means, to ensure patients access their medications. Testing is still ongoing using high-end technology. Here are the benefits of digital health companies during the global crisis.

Telehealth Services

Many hospitals and clinics are now offering telehealth services to avoid contact with patients. Thus, eHealth has become the new norm, and telemedicine has been adapted. Typically, telemedicine entails remote care from the comfort of your abode. Doctors check your symptoms and monitor your recovery via calls, video chats, or email. It saves time and money that patients could have used to visit the health facilities. Most importantly, it has reduced the COVID-19 transmission, flattening the pandemic curve. Also, patients can get treated with sheer simplicity without the fear of getting infections in a hospital.

Effective Disease Monitoring

With the help of healthcare software companies, it is possible to track people who have been infected. Once a patient tests positive for coronavirus, he or she can inform the experts about the contacts. After that, the patients can get tested and receive immediate medication if they have the virus. Digital health ventures are using crowdsourced disease monitoring to transmit sound information to the public. The data undergoes verification to ensure everyone gets the correct details via social media. In case another pandemic strikes in the future, the health sector will be fully equipped to handle it.

Medical and Emergency Supplies Timely Delivery

Healthcare software companies have enabled the use of drones to transport medical and emergency supplies. In the past, cutting-edge tech was utilized to deliver water and food to areas hit by natural disasters. The same applies to the health sphere that optimizes drones to get medicine and other items to suitable locations. Patients can get their medications without going to a pharmacy store or hospital. Drone technology is used in many countries across the globe. The method is quick, safe, and dependable as well.

Fast Testing

In 2020, MedTech companies developed high-end testing devices that produce results within a short time. For instance, Abbott is a tech business in health that innovated ID NOW, which shows the outcome between 5 to 15 minutes. You don’t have to wait for about 24 hours or more before knowing if you contracted the virus. The bright part is that you can get timely treatment if the results turn out positive.

Masks and Swabs Massive Production

Shortage of masks and nasal swabs can be detrimental in a public health crisis. Digital health companies like steris and Resolution Medical ensured that the supplies were sufficient. The FDA gave the organizations the authority to manufacture N95 masks and nasal swabs. Resolution Medical uses 3D technology from printing companies to make nasal swabs.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, eHealth has gained ground through telemedicine, disease monitoring, and drone deliveries. Medtech ventures have played a considerable role in manufacturing nasal swabs and masks as well. Testing is now quick and widespread to combat the spread of COVID-19.

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