Hair Transplant a State of the Art Procedure


Men and women who experience the hair loss problem generally distraught by the sign of Norwood state of baldness. They always try to look better and so a lot of alternative options they think about. The procedure of hair transplant in Delhi is top of the chart for providing the best surgical procedure with the best aesthetic outcome of the procedure.

The status of hair loss and the availability of the donor areas of the patient’s scalp are evaluated at the time of hair restoration consultation. The hair transplant procedure is the dual effect of the surgical and the aesthetic concerns that must be performed by the expert surgeon having an in-depth understanding regarding the procedure technique and the aided technology helps in the final surgical success.

What matters are introspected during the physical consultation for the hair transplant procedure?

  • The State of Hair loss:

The state of hair loss is a primary concern that must be evaluated at the time of consultation that explores many things related to the procedure application. The primary consultation describes the status of loss rated on the Norwood scale has 7 categories evaluated with respect to technical feasibility. Generally, the aesthetic result is matched by the expected hairline design and achieving the desired volume by the placement of the right graft at the right time. Bur, the extent of loss confirms us about the possibility of that expectation as according to the availability of the donor hair’s amount.

  • Quality of the patient’s Donor Hair:

The donor hair quality must be evaluated as it confirms the procedural success adhered to the aesthetic demand of the surgery. While you are consulting, it is a very important concern that what the status of the donor hair is. The quality of hair that should be reviewed at the time of consultation includes the type of hair with respect to curl, straight or wavy, the texture of hair, hair shaft diameter, Telogen-Anagen ration, and the follicular unit density. The status of donor hair quality should not only reviewed but also analyse on the basis on the basis of the received outcome that confirms us about the successful camouflage to the affected areas after the hair transplant surgery.

How is Hair Transplant a state of the art Surgery?

  • The Hairline Design: This is the topmost priority to check and effect in the procedure. The making of hairline design is full of artistic concern that needs an extreme knowledge of art and the aesthetic of the surgery. The surgeon should possess a defined degree of artistic capability in order to meet the artistic demand of the surgery. The hairline must be in accordance with the age, gender, profession, and the last, but least the patient’s expectation. However, the designing part of the surgery basically involves the hairline, making a step that meets the natural expectation of the surgery.
  • The Implantation of the Graft: The graft placement/implantation is a final step of the procedure that must match the aesthetic goal of the surgery. The graft should be placed in a proper aesthetic angle and direction as according to the natural shifting of the graft positioning. The angle and direction primarily matter in the surgery and one can expect the natural result is the performing surgeon has the best idea of the aesthetic touch of the surgery.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplants a state of the art concept and a continuum of the extent of loss definitely at the time of consultation. The treatment of the issue with surgical procedure has increased the appeal from last 8-10 years after the era of globalization.

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