How Can Massage Help You Beat Ageing?


Our society is increasingly being indoctrinated into using pharmaceuticals. With big business at stake, it’s no wonder that natural pain remedies are so often shunned by the medical industry, but the reality is that there are non-chemical healing methods out there that could be much more effective for some patients who are dealing with the effects of age. As we get older, many of us end up on a daily cocktail of pills, often with no idea what each of them are for. What many doctors do not tell their patients is that there are alternatives out there that can help a whole host of conditions, from pain to high blood pressure and even hormonal imbalance. If you’re concerned about the harmful effects of pharmaceuticals on your health, or even if you just want to try a different method, here are some of the ways in which massage therapy can help you to fight the problems of ageing in a natural way.

The History of Massage

Massage is an age old form of medicine that is seen in various forms all over the world. Ancient healing techniques inform this complex art, and it can be used for so much more than simple relaxation. Massage has deep roots in traditional Chinese medicine and Indian Ayurveda, where its benefits have been utilised and refined for thousands of years.

Modern Techniques

Using a combination of traditional techniques such as acupuncture along with modern medical knowledge, massage has inspired a number of highly viable alternatives to modern pharmaceuticals, often referred to as complementary therapies. These techniques unify the old and the new to create a holistic alternative approach to healing.

Benefits of Complementary Therapies

The benefits of complementary therapies are manifold, especially when it comes to the subject of ageing. They have the ability to improve flexibility, reduce pain, treat arthritis, combat fatigue, and eliminate migraines; massage can also help with digestive problems and increase immune function, and that’s only the start of it! With so many benefits for the body, complementary massage therapies are a great way to help keep your physique young and functioning as the years go by. If you are struggling with the menopause, then massage therapy can work to ease some of the symptoms and help you get on with your life. Even digestive troubles such as constipation or a weak bladder can be combatted using specially formed complementary therapies. Not only can massage help you feel better and remain more active, it can also help reduce the visual signs of aging as well. By firming your muscles and reducing water retention, certain massage therapies are able to restore the suppleness of your skin, which can firm up your body and reduce wrinkles. The appearance of cellulite and varicose veins can also be significantly reduced through the use of massage therapy.

As with any type of therapy, different people have different reactions. However, with so many benefits to be found in complementary therapies, you’re sure to feel positive change by trying out this innovative approach to age control.

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