How does keratin treatment wonder to coloured hair


We all love our hair and are pretty concerned with the treatment given to them especially when it comes to colouring them.

With the advancement of medical science, multiple new hair treatments came up for the betterment of appearance of our hair, keratin treatment is of such one of such popular treatments.

For intense colour, the hair care professionals recommend keratin treatment as it’s reliable and effective. But this treatment should be done on coloured hair only.

All of us know keratin is a protein.  The functionality acts as a colour protection barrier to the coloured hair, increasing the intensity of colour once the procedure is done. Keratin also magnifies the hair colour, heals the apparent damage done from colouring and last but not the least; it gives long-lasting colour protection. Brazilian keratin smoothening treatment which is also referred as Brazilian blowout, which straightens hair giving them a smooth texture.

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Keratin treatment needs should actually be done after the regular process of hair colouring. If it’s done before, then keratin prevents complete colour penetration into hair, giving an uneven and patchy look. It is the keratin that prevents binding of colour to the hair.  Keratin application to the hair is done by hydrolysing keratin molecules to the hair follicles. The process is involved with covering the hair cuticles from heat and other chemicals applied and protecting the natural keratin present.

The different types of keratin treatment include hair Botox keratin treatment and Brazilian keratin treatment. But a traditional keratin treatment includes saturating hair for 20 minutes in formaldehyde solution, acting as a protective barrier before blow drying and ironing.

Botox keratin hair treatment works by fixing the hair frizz that has gone through constant wear and tear that have lost their lustre and have become dull and lifeless.

Coming back to keratin treatment benefits for the hair:

  • Keratin treatment softens, smoothens and prevents any environmental damage to the hair.
  • This protein acts as a natural barrier, by wrapping around and protecting the hair, thus giving constant replenishment of natural keratin to the coloured hair strand.
  • This barrier protects the keratin treated hair from smog, air pollution, and changing weather conditions.

Remember, keratin treatment should only be done after dying hair:

  • Besides dying, it also repairs damaged hair
  • Keeps hair strands hydrated by locking the moisture
  • Removes frizzy and dullness from hair and keep them smooth and soft
  • It balances the pH of hair
  • Keratin is a protein that cleanses the chemical deposits left form colouring

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Nothing remains permanent. Not even keratin treatment. Hence after 2-3 weeks, the keratin treatment should be repeated to maintain the health of hair. Keratin treatment should always be done on coloured hair to prevent permanent hair damage.

Better find a nearby salon for keratin treatment than doing it by yourself. Seek advice from the hair care experts for the better results. Though you can do it all by yourself, having a piece of advice about the appropriate procedure will perhaps be the right approach for the application of keratin on your hair.

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