Human Placenta Extract – Rebuilding the Skin


The only way a baby is able to grow healthily in the womb is the presence of the placenta. This is a substance produced by the mother that provides all the vitamins, minerals and immunity the baby needs to grow and develop before birth. Not only does it aid the baby’s growth, but uses the mother’s immune system to protect it from bacterial harm. Science is now realizing that these beneficial ingredients can be used in our struggle to slow the ageing effect. As we get older the elements that make us young are no longer produced, so not only do we age mentally, but physically too. It is this youthful look we miss and strive for in our old age. By stimulating the areas that produce the factors that make us young, we are finally able to look younger. One of the riches a baby is able to thrive on before birth is placenta.

Scientists have now been able to extract the goodness from human placenta to enable our skin to rejuvenate into its younger form. As we get older, our skin loses the ability to maintain its youthful appearance. It’s lacking in certain substances that help to provide the sponge under the skin called collagen. The protein builder tryptophan is needed to produce collagen and it this that helps to make our skin look smoother and younger. The protein also helps with the skin tone to produce that overall younger look. This Human Placenta Extract rebuilds the collagen to return the skin to its younger form. Additionally, our skin becomes unable to maintain hydration, so the moisturizers we use become ineffective. This treatment addresses this and returns the skin ability to absorb and retain necessary moisture. The addition of vitamins and minerals aid a healthy, radiant looking skin and not just a smoother one.

One of the ingredients of the human placenta extract is Uracil which removes the negative substances from deep in our skin that have collected over time. This is known as an anti-oxidant, so it clears our skin of any every day pollution that may be present that external soaps cannot. For example, air pollution, junk food and any chemicals we may use in our skin in the form of soap, moisturizers, lotions and even detergents that we use for our clothes. The anti-oxidant carefully extracts the negative parts and leaves the positive to flourish and grow. Therefore, without these negative elements, our skin can thrive with radiance.

To apply this treatment follow the instructions provided being careful to note the location of the injection(s).

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