IV-Based Detox in Davenport: Is It a Safe Option for Addicts


The next generation of detox is IV-based therapy, and with that has come a whole bout of controversy as is the norm for any new therapy or methodology that is brought to the forefront of addiction recovery techniques says Drug Rehab Davenport. IV detoxification therapy is used in a very controlled environment; patients are detoxed in the most comfortable way possible through intravenous injection of wean-down medications into their bloodstreams.

Medications administered through the IV and into the patients’ bodies help keep the patients calm and relaxed, almost totally pain-free, and comfortable too, thus helping the patient have a much more successful detox in the long run, or at least certainly a much more comfortable one to say the least, rather than simply going cold turkey or attempting to detox on their own without the help of anything at all.

But what of the long term effects of such a program?  How well has it been tested?  Is it going to just cause addicts to become addicted to whatever it is that’s in the IV, as is so often the case with addiction detoxification?  These are just some of the concerns that still abound this new and interesting yet controversial addiction detoxification method.

Why the Method is Being Used in Davenport

Davenport for some time now has been a micro-hub for addiction to substances that create strong dependences, substances like opiates and alcohol.  For these addictions, the IV detox method has so far proven to be workable, or at least more workable than simply going at it cold turkey or popping other pills in detox to help with the wean down process.  Obviously, according to Drug Rehabilitation in Davenport, the ideal method for detoxing off of drugs and alcohol is to use a holistic route in which one can experience freedom from chemical dependence in a holistic environment but without going through nearly as intensive of pain as would be experienced if one tried a cold turkey approach.

IV detox therapy does have some workability that is largely due to bioavailability of the medication instantly entering the bloodstream of the patient. The Boston University School of Medicine refers to bioavailability as:

  • “The percent of dose entering the systemic circulation after administration of a given dosage form. More explicitly, the ratio of the amount of drug ‘absorbed’ from a test formulation to the amount ‘absorbed’ after administration of a standard formulation.”

Whether this method will have a good effect in Davenport will remain to be seen.  Certainly, opiate abuse is pretty terrible here.  For example:

  • Prescription painkillers are one of the most commonly abused substances, with 15 million people using them in the nation, and more than half of Davenport’s addicted residents being hooked on prescription drugs alone.
  • Abuse of this class of drugs has become increasingly common among suburbanites, likely due to their availability, particularly in cities like Davenport.
  • In 2009, thirty percent of drug abuse-related emergency room visits were a result of ingesting prescription drugs, OTC medicines, or diet pills in Davenport.
  • One in every 10 high school 12th grade students has admitted to incorrectly using prescription painkillers for recreational reasons in cities like Davenport.
  • The most commonly abused prescription drugs include medications like Xanax and OxyContin, and the number of people abusing painkillers in recent years has risen by fifty percent.
  • At this point, any method to detox someone successfully is being accepted says Drug Rehab Davenport. However, one does still need to keep an eye out for the potential risk of such approaches having a bad effect on the person one way or the other.
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