Malibu Rehab Reviews – Seeking Help from a Professional Drug Addiction Rehab


Entering into a drug rehab means you are starting to show seriousness in wanting to take responsibility of your life. The rehab knows the right procedure for treating different types of addictions. Opting to join a professional addiction recovery rehab center like Malibu rehab is crucial for attaining your goal of reaching sobriety regardless of whether you are addicted to drugs or alcohol. It is less risky to go into a rehab to receive treatment for your drug addiction as you will get prompt medical attention if anything happen to you during the withdrawal process.

In Malibu rehab reviews, Malibu rehab offers various types of care for patients such as medical emergency, mental problems, and medical stabilization. Before embarking on the treatment procedure, patients have to undergo a blood chemistry analysis. The purpose of the blood chemistry analysis is to treat chemical imbalance in the patient. Chemical imbalance is responsible for many problems such as depression and panic attack. During the chemical imbalance, you will undergo blood and urine test to determine what kinds of chemicals are in your blood stream. The test can determine whether you are low in certain nutrients. The results from the analysis will be used to create a suitable addiction treatment.

Malibu rehab is equipped with a state-of-the-art fitness room that has all the exercise machines and equipment that you need for performing all kinds of exercises. Patients will take part in an exercise routine designed according to their fitness needs. They will get fitness instructions from experienced personal trainers to ensure that exercise in the proper way. Exercising programs are incorporated into the drug addiction recovery program because it helps the patient to develop a positive image of themselves. Exercising can encourage the patients to be more energetic and active so that they will have little time to think about their problems.

Besides the state-of-the-art gym, Malibu rehab also have a large network of pavement walking trail, slacklining, and olympic size swimming pool. The areas near the man-made pond has outdoor benches and couches. Malibu rehab is located by the ocean so you will have access to the beach at anytime. You can sit down on the rock at the seaside to enjoy the cool breeze to get some relief from your stress. There are gazebos with chairs and tables for you to invite conversations with other peers that are also participating in the Malibu rehab. At night, you can join in a fire pit gathering where you sit in a circle with others and interact with other peers.

Malibu rehab offers art therapy as one of their treatment options for drug addicts. In art therapy, patients will use different forms of arts such as painting, sculpting, music and drawing as a way of expressing the problems on their thoughts when they cannot describe it to the personal counselor in words. This allows the personal counselor to know about the drug/alcohol abuse history of the patients. Malibu rehab offers a number of psychotherapy treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and psychodynamic therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy aims to address the negative thinking that leads to harmful drug abuse behavior in the patient. The personal counselor will work with the patient in developing positive thoughts. CBT is implemented in both individual and group therapy. It is easy to learn CBT skills and incorporate it into your every day life. The session aims to help the patients in developing strategies that can help them to cope with their addictions. Psychodynamic therapy aims to help the patients to see what could have happen to them if they continue to use the drug. In psychodynamic therapy, the patients will realize the way they think about others and take the necessary steps to improve your social interaction.

Family members can get involved in the healing process of the patients. They will receive tips on what to do and not to do in order for their loved one to make a speedy recovery. Family members who take art in the rehab program can also get educated on the addiction of the patient and how the treatment can help him to progress towards recovery.

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