Medical Grade Facials Vs. Spa Treatments


Unlike spa facials that may leave you with unsatisfactory results, a medical-grade facial is performed by a well-trained medical specialist. These experts not only leave your skin feeling refreshed but also work closely with your dermatologist to come up with effective treatment options that are right for you. This guide will explore all the benefits you will experience from getting your medical-grade facials in Colorado, Springs.

Medical Facials Vs. Spa Facials

If you are looking to exfoliate or cleanse your skin to feel rejuvenated, you should go for spa facial treatments. However, medical-grade facials have more effect and impact than spa facials. This is because they use medical therapies that guarantee the safety of your skin by using pharmaceutical-grade chemicals and eliminate all blemishes on your skin.

Conditions Treated Through a Medical Facial

Before a specialist recommends a medical facial treatment for you, they will usually carry out a consultation to learn about your expectations. Medical-grade facials can treat skin conditions or problems like:

  •       Rosacea
  •       Dry skin
  •       Loose skin
  •       Acne-prone skin
  •       Excessive wrinkles
  •       Gray-toned skin
  •       Oily and greasy skin
  •       Excessive wrinkles

Benefits of a Medical Grade Facial

The following are some of the benefits accompanied by medical-grade facial treatments:

·       Customized Treatment

In contrast to spa treatments, where estheticians use the same processes and products for all clients, medical-grade facial treatments involve dermatologists performing a skin analysis to develop personalized treatment options. These treatments are designed to address your distinctive skin issues and concerns and cater to your skin tone, texture, and type.

·       Inside-Out Approach

Since most medical facials mainly account for your skin’s regeneration cycles and shedding, our medical specialists work by treating your skin from beyond the surface. This is done to preserve and rejuvenate the health of your skin. Moreover, the treatment options are designed to improve circulation, exfoliate toxins, encourage collagen production, and improve your skin’s appearance, making sure you receive instant results.

·       Safe Products

Ordinary spa facials mainly use products that contain oils, perfumes, and irritants. Medical-grade facials make use of exclusive, noninvasive pharmaceutical products to ensure you only get customized facial treatments. Furthermore, the specialists work with certified dermatologists who approve the products used, assuring you complete protection of the health of your skin.

·       Reduced Bruising and Scarring

Due to the fact that some cosmetic treatments may result in severe side effects such as bruising or scarring of the skin, medical-grade facial treatments ensure you are protected from these side effects. Even if they happen, the specialists are well equipped and ready to manage them effectively.

·       Fast Treatments

In most cases, a medical facial will last for less than one hour, ensuring you leave with healthy and replenished skin within a short period.


Are you looking to make a long-lasting change to your skin’s tone and texture? Consult with Dr. Halle Friedman, RN, and the highly experienced team at the Robert Andrews Laser & Medical Aesthetics in Colorado Springs, Colorado. With our personalized medical facial treatments, you will leave our offices with a rejuvenated look and feel much more confident. If you are concerned about the condition of your skin, contact our offices or book an online consultation with our team of professionals today.

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