Pimples – Why they Occur and How to Prevent Them


The onset of puberty manifests itself through a number of physiological and emotional changes to one’s personality, majorly attributed to the rush of hormones. This is the time when teenagers are troubled with embarrassing and painful red eruptions on their faces. Colloquially called pimples, these are referred to as acne in medical parlance which many times leave deep scars on the infected face, much to the agony of the adolescent. It is in this context that a personal skin care regime is recommended, through the regular use of a potent face wash working against the onset of pimples. Before going into the section of preventing pimples, it is important for us to know the major causes of pimples so as to take a holistic approach to snub the outbursts of red and infectious face globules.

Causes of Pimples

  1. Hormonal Imbalances – This condition is the main cause for pimples to spoil the beauty of a radiant face. An excessive secretion of androgens is linked to the eruption of pimples in teenagers.
  2. Sebum Secretion – Also called as oil, sebum when it comes in contact with skin bacteria and dead skin cells, it progresses the emergence of pimples.
  3. Bacteria – A clogged follicle in the facial skin becomes the breeding ground for bacteria to multiply rapidly, thereby spreading to the adjacent areas.
  4. Inflammation – At times, during the onset of an infection, a host of white blood corpuscles emerge to fight against the disease, which causes the emergence of pimples.

Having understood the main causes of pimples, it is imperative for teenagers to pay attention to their skin care regime by using a mild face wash that works wonders to prevent pimples.

Three Main Benefits of a Face Wash in the prevention of pimples

A dedicated skin care regime calls for regular washing of face with tepid water accompanied by ananti-acne face wash to benefit from the following uses of a face wash which can easily be sourced from an online health care platform.


  1. Gentle on the sensitive facial skin

Unlike many soaps that are readily available in the market, an online pharmacy called Zigy.com is a potent source for skin-friendly face washes that work delicately on the sensitive skin of teenagers. The use of a gentle cleansing face wash comes across as a wise move to flaunt a radiant pimple-free skin.

  1. Helps Exfoliate

It is now an easy job to buy medicines online through Zigy.com which enlists a host of skin care products to its clientele. A face wash helps in exfoliating the skin thereby opening up the clogged follicles which if left untreated can cause acne. Such a face wash comes handy to clean the face off any remnants of makeup that opens up the clogged facial pores. Exfoliation is a useful skin care regime to get rid of dead skin, thereby reducing the onset of pimples.

  1. Dries up acne

Matching the 3 most predominant skin types (oily, normal or combination), there are many anti-acne face washes which are now available. These when used in accordance to the skin type help in drying up the inflamed pimples in addition to weakening the symptoms of reappearance.

Prevention is always better than cure! In line with this adage, adolescents who incorporate a regular skin regime can flaunt their glowing skin to the world at large, much to the jealousy of onlookers.

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