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If you have been experiencing pain that does not seem to seize, platelet-rich plasma provides unique benefits for people with chronic pain. LifeWell M.D. provides cutting-edge Port St. Lucie PRP treatments to encourage healing and minimize pain levels. PRP can also reverse aging signs and motivate cell renewal. At LifeWell M.D. you can get aesthetic treatments that utilize PRP, such as hair restoration and facials.

What is PRP?

PRP stands for platelet-rich plasma, which is a state-of-the-art treatment that assists in the stimulation of cell regeneration. The treatment uses platelets, a constituent of human blood that consists of distinct growth factors that assist in regenerating tissues, and healing injuries.

During a PRP, your doctor collects a little blood from your body. Next, they put the blood in a centrifuge and spin it to separate platelets from other cells. Then, the provider will inject the platelets into the target area.

PRP doses can enhance healing to an injury or restore aging tissues. PRP does not use pharmaceuticals, so it is an exceptional choice for patients who need medication-free pain relief.

What are the current PRP therapies?

Most doctors utilize PRP to treat chronic pain and injuries. Professional athletes also depend on PRP for fast recovery after sports injuries. PRP assists with inflammatory conditions such as arthritis. The provider, a LifeWell M.D., can establish whether PRP can assist in relieving your pain.

LifeWell M.D. also includes PRP into various aesthetic treatments, including:

  • Hair Restoration
  • Vampire Breast Lift
  • Vampire Facelift
  • Vampire Facial

These therapies can enhance hair growth and fix your sagging skin. PRP boosts cell renewal, which assists in restoring a younger appearance. In some instances, PRP also offers sexual revival. LifeWell M.D. provides P-Shot and O-Shot to enhance libido and vitality.

Are PRP therapies safe?

PRP is harmless for most individuals. The treatment utilizes your blood so there is little risk of allergic reaction or infection. Some people might experience minor marks at the site of treatment, as with any other injection.

LifeWell M.D. can assist you in determining whether PRP is safe for you. The providers at the practice conduct detailed consultations to identify the root cause of the problem. If PRP is not good for you, your provider will work together with you to explore other treatments, such as PDO threads for facelift or acupuncture for pain treatment.

What is the expected outcome after the PRP?

PRP injections enhance healing by restoring tissues in the target areas. The process might take some time, but the full outcome usually comes after a few months or weeks. After getting PRP injections, you might feel less pain and better mobility. You can also realize positive changes in your hair and skin. Recurrent injections can assist in preserving these results.

Pain relief is the foundation of LifeWell M.D., and if you are living with chronic pain, you can get an effective treatment that will deliver long-term results. The practice takes pride in assisting patients to live a healthy, satisfying life. Call their offices today or schedule an appointment online.

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