Signs that Might Signal you Need Eye Glasses


At birth, most children are born with perfect eyesight. However, as age progresses, we are exposed to various factors that cause our eyes to develop problems. In some circumstances, the conditions are hereditary and begin to cause issues at some point in life. Some can be corrected by simple treatments, while the complicated ones require surgery. If you have a problem that requires contacts & glasses in Bourbonnais, book an appointment with Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D.

Below are signs that indicate that you need lenses:


Astigmatism and farsightedness may cause fatigue when you strain to see objects that are far and, in turn, cause headaches. Strong eyeglasses may also have similar effects.

Blurry vision

This is a symptom that is well known to many. It is caused by nearsightedness and farsightedness. Blurring will make your eyes strain when trying to figure out objects making it tired or resulting in a dry eye. A sudden blurriness that does not seem to go away could be a sign of a significant problem. If this happens, seek medical attention immediately for a checkup. Blurring is easily managed by wearing lenses.

Need for a brighter light

Sometimes eyes develop problems that require you to turn lights on to see clearly. It could be a sign of presbyopia. If you experience these symptoms very often, you might bed glasses or contact lenses to correct the condition.

Seeing halos

This problem is caused when eyes cannot focus properly, and light becomes blurry or scattered. The individual with this problem sees halos around lights such as bulbs and headlights. Sometimes, this can be corrected by wearing glasses, while severe conditions could signal cataracts. Additionally, it could be a sign of farsightedness or nearsightedness.

Night vision problems

Some eye conditions make it difficult to see or focus in dimly lit rooms. This results when the eye can no longer adjust depending on the amount of light. The doctor may recommend glasses to help manage the condition. At times, it is a symptom of cataracts, zinc deficiency, or vitamin A. When it is caused by a bright light, it should only last for a few days and then go away independently.


Squinting is a natural process that enables the eye to focus on blurred images. However, at times, it could be a symptom of poor vision when it occurs frequently. Additionally, it could signal you have a problem of farsightedness or nearsightedness. In children or people with old age, it could mean they have lazy eyes.

Rubbing the eyes frequently.

When the eyes spend most of the time tiring to focus on near or far objects, they strain and become fatigued. That could be why you find yourself rubbing your eyes frequently. Allergies are also known to result in rubbing and dry eyes. Glasses can easily correct this.

If you are experiencing one or more symptoms mentioned above, you should visit a specialist for a further checkup. There are various glasses and contact lenses available. According to your need, the doctor will prescribe the right one. Book an appointment online with Nicholas Rutkowski, O.D., and Associates to maintain a clear eyesight.

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