Some Useful Advices with the Electrical Muscle Stimulator


EMS, acronym for Electrical Muscle Stimulator is commonly observed across online shopping websites and splashed over fitness magazines. The machine works by giving body high-frequency and effective current therapy to your body. A number of electrodes are placed on your stomach and stimulation is given for a few sessions per week.

In a few weeks’ time, you can see the drastic result caused by electrical stimulation. It has significant effects on abdominal obesity, waist circumference, body fat percentage, subcutaneous fat mass and body line. The stimulation works wonder for both men and women. Studies show that the EMS is extremely helpful things like pain management to augmenting blood flow in muscles, and boosting your performance-related activities. Here are some useful advices on how to use the EMS and derive maximum effects.

Electrical Muscle Stimulator

Here are the Few Useful Advices:

  • Weight loss ensures many benefits to your body. It brings reduced chances of heart diseases, reduced blood pressure, and cholesterol and insulin level. Thus, attach the electrodes to your hamstrings and quadriceps. Now, follow 5 to 10 sets of barbell squats or body weight while electrical current is simultaneously flowing through your legs. At the end of few sessions, you will start feeling more strength in your leg muscles. The muscle fibers receive more strength and work excellently by allowing you to walk freely without feeling any constriction.
  • To gain an upper body effect, attach the electrodes to your chest and on your shoulders. While current is flowing, do some push-ups, bench presses or overhead presses to bring more vigor to your upper body. The more you stay fit, the more number of years you are going to live. Most of the EMSs available allow you to regulate intensity of flow of current. As a result of which, you can adjust the same while receiving stimulation as per your body needs.
  • Combine EMS with isometrics. If you do it in an effective way then you can enhance flow of lactic acid in your muscles. This helps in tolerating lactic acid while working out. Follow an isometric exercise that aids in muscle contraction without you having to move your muscles or angle of joints. You simply use EMS to stimulate your muscles while you are following your work-outs during isometric sets. Eventually, the process helps to boost muscle fibers and even the amount of lactic acid through your muscles.
  • If you have serious injuries in your legs or you have been downed to a sedentary position then it would be best to use EMS to help keep your muscles activated. Otherwise, if you are watching your favorite program on the television, then get the EMS to activate your muscles while you are sitting idle. You may even use EMS while on car rides or on airplanes, letting your muscles receive workout. Besides, you can even work out your calf muscles while at work.

EMS muscle stimulator can be used as therapeutic, cosmetic and training tool. EMS is extensively observed for rehabilitation purpose, in physical therapy and also in prevention of musculoskeletal injuries. For instance, EMS is effective to heal damages in joints, bones, tendons, ligaments and muscles. A niche of practitioners prefers to use EMS as part of their EMS goals.

In a way, EMS leads to crucial exercises of different body parts, though physical exercising is equally important. The best part is that stimulator leads to toned muscle so that you not just feel fit but look good. The effectiveness of this device is profoundly felt in the sports training and for physical activities. Thus, to ensure a healthy lifestyle add EMS as part of your fitness tools.

After reading this blog you will get all the necessary information about ems muscle stimulators. If you still want to know more then visit over here.

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