Let Our Rehab Centers in California Be the End for your Nightmare of Addiction


It does not matter whether this is your 1st time visiting a rehab center in California or you have been to multiple centers, we want to urge you to experience the difference in our facility. We have worked with many patients suffering from alcohol and drug problems so we have learned what a successful treatment experience looks like. ReSense has many reviews and referrals for you to go through when making your choice of a facility.


First is a healthy and safe detox but this is not all you will get from rehab. You will also receive the necessary components of recovery that will increase the chance that you will be successful at beating alcohol and drugs forever.

Our center

Our rehabilitation facility in California is what we believe is the best connection with each of our patients because we will get to know you on a much deeper level. We know that addiction roots lie somewhere very deep inside, so we want to reach those roots and pull them out like you would pull out a weed in your yard. It is this pulling of roots that will help people remain clean and sober for years.

Not much fun

Time spent in a rehab center is not much fun especially in the beginning but the staffs that have specialize in rehab and rehab counseling will be there to get you through this first experience. As time goes on you will more and more be able to help yourself. But you will never be alone unless you want to be.

Phase 1

The first phase is detox and to be honest this is the worst stage. But our medical professionals will be there to help you get through this first part. You will be given some medication to take the edge off the pain and you will also have someone to hold your hand to get you on the right path. You will never be alone unless you want to be.

Pulling roots

After detox you will be able to see the roots of your dependence more clearly and this is when you will start talk therapy with a group and also one on one with your therapist. This is the stage where you will find the understanding of how your addiction got out of control and how you will be able to clearly control it now.

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