5 Ways To Get Rid Of Unsightly Skin Moles


Most people do have at least one skin mole. Most of the moles are not dangerous and there is nothing to worry about when they appear. Skin moles can have various dimensions, shapes and shades. Many of them are seen as beautiful, charming and attractive. However, in most cases people do not really like them, especially when they appear on visible areas like the face. Getting rid of skin moles is really easy nowadays at various mole removal London clinics and similar. Most of the moles are removed because of aesthetic reasons. With this in mind, you will want to know the methods that are often used to remove them.

Cryosurgery – Extreme Freezing

This technique takes advantage of liquefied nitrogen, which is applied to the mole at temperatures that are under zero. Low temperatures basically end up destroying the skin mole. Mole cells will end up bursting because of the really fast freezing, ending up dead as there is a huge blood supply loss.

Excision – Surgical Cutting

Various excision methods are available and are used by doctors in order to remove skin moles. The most common method is having the skin mole stitched and completely cut. In this situation we see stitches added first in order to allow a better bleeding control. The second option that is common is having moles burned off or cauterized. In this case there is no real need to have stitches since the method is bloodless. No matter what excision method is used, physicians need to numb affected area with the use of local anaesthetic.

Mole Shaving

This is a method that is not necessarily recommended these days since there are options that are better. However, many end up using this at home. This is a method that can be used in the event that the mole is higher than skin level. Surgical planes can be used to shave them. The problem is that a lot of scarring can appear. However, when performed in a clinic, scarring is drastically reduced as lasers are being used.

mole removal

Laser Mole Removal

One of the most commonly used mole removal procedures at the moment, laser mole removal is performed in most mole removal clinics out there. Concentrated light is used in order to penetrate skin and destroy the cells that are at the base of the mole. This basically removes it. The only problem is that you cannot use the technique for some of the moles.

Home Mole Removal Remedies

There are actually many different home mole removal techniques that can be utilized and that were proven to be highly successful. They are popular because they work and have been used for hundreds of years now. The most common examples of such remedies include baking soda, lemon juice, castor oil and garlic cloves.

The only problem with the home remedies is that they take a lot of time until the mole is removed. Also, you should never use a home remedy in the event that the mole is cancerous. In this situation the dermatologist is the only person that should remove it.

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