Tending to Your Gait: The Importance of Maintaining Healthy Feet


Put together, your feet are comprised of 52 bones; 66 joints; upwards of 200 muscles, tendons, and ligaments; and, most surprisingly, more than 500,000 sweat glands.

Thus, even though they tend to be very durable and resilient, it’s important to note that your feet are also somewhat fragile and susceptible to a wide range of conditions, disorders, and afflictions, which is why you should make a concerted effort to visit your local EN2 chiropodist (podiatrists) as often as possible.

When Should I Book an Appointment with My Chiropodist?

To avoid chronic foot conditions and detect issues before they have a chance to exacerbate, it’s in your best interests to consult with your neighbourhood chiropodist at least twice per year but you have to look out for the following warning signs as well:

  • Unremitting swelling or persistent numbness, which might be caused by tendonitis, infections, or even a hairline fracture
  • Strangely dense calluses, painful bunions, or abnormal corns, which almost always indicate problems with your foot structure or gait
  • Dry, cracked, or splintered heels that can lead to bleeding or disease
  • Ingrown toenails that can quickly progress from being a simple nuisance to being a debilitating, unbearable condition

Today’s best-rated chiropodists specialise in contemporary podiatry, which means that they can establish a tailor-made, affordable treatment plan for any type of ailment that you might be experiencing.

The Most Common Treatment Options Are Highly Effectual

Simply by scheduling a checkup with your local practitioner, you’ll be able to avail yourself of a wide range of modernised cures and therapies:

  • Professional removal of corns, calluses, and verrucae (plantar warts)
  • Personalised solutions for diabetics and individuals struggling with circulation issues
  • Pain-free remedies for ingrown toenails
  • Resolving athlete’s foot and other fungal infections
  • Obtaining custom-fabricated insoles, orthotics, and shoes
  • Therapeutic treatments for gait problems, arch issues, and other discomforts

In as little as one visit, you’ll be able to rectify any type of ailment. Be sure to schedule an introductory consultation sooner rather than later.

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