The best foods to opt for when you are pregnant


With pregnancy foods it enhances nutritional value for both the mother as well as the baby. Even if you have the right dose of minerals along with vitamins, it might seem that something is amiss. This might pace for pregnancy infections medicine that you need to address at an immediate level. Infection treatments during pregnancy are there, but you can combat these issues if you supplement your diet with proper super foods.

Lean meat

Amino acids present in protein are the building blocks of cell in the bodies of your little one. When it is high protein foods it also keeps the hunger at bay by stabilizing your blood sugar levels. For this reason you need to aim for 3 servings of protein every day. Lean meat works out to be an excellent option as it is a vital component of the baby developing red blood cells. The volume of blood increases by 50 % of the moment you become pregnant.


The baby needs enough calcium to have strong bones when they are pregnant. Around 1200 milligrams that is about 4 servings a day would be ideal. The best bet for calcium has to be yoghurt as it is packed with foliate and calcium. In order to ensure that you avail more calcium from your food, look for products fortified with vitamin D that will pep up absorption.


A rich source of vitamin C, vitamin B 6 and potassium. The function of vitamin B 6 would be to contribute to the development of baby tissues, leading to brain growth and reducing morning sickness. As a substitute for mayo you can spread in a layer of avocado on the whole grain.

Just take note of the fact that avocados are a rich source of fat. But with the excess calories it could be filling on your stomach. Do not commit the mistake of gaining weight unless you are struggling to put on weight.


Being a rich source of fibre, iron with a host of other minerals. As it is loaded with fiber it would help you considerably if you are suffering from constipation. You can fill in your breakfast bowl but do not stop there as load it with muffins, cookies, cakes or even bread loafs. This is a whole grain that makes you pep up your intake.


Technically it is not going to qualify as a food, but just as important for your health it is a powerful nutrient. The benefits of water for both the mother along with the baby is immense. It delivers nutrients, flushes out the toxins from the body. As water makes your tummy full, you are less tempted to have cookies or chips. This would help with constipation when you are pregnant. In addition the dangers associated with dehydration are real. Just fill up the bottle of water and take it wherever you go along.

To conclude what you want to eat is important as what you are eating.

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