The Difference Between the Dermatology Types


In this world filled with the obsession for good looks, the maintenance of skin in the best possible way has become, sort of mandatory. The need to therefore, gather detailed knowledge about how to maintain a healthy skin is indeed very important. This is the reason we have the branch of science called Dermatology. This is the science of studying the skin in elaborate details and the various treatments of it.

There are mainly three types of dermatology known to the human race. They are namely, surgical, cosmetic and medical. The names of these different types of dermatology give a very clear idea of what each one deals with, apparently. The surgical dermatology involves the surgery of the skin. This is done when the medical or non-medical procedures have given up. This surgery can also be for cosmetic purposes, make alterations in the skin to look good. This is where it overlaps with cosmetic dermatology. Face lifts and hairline restructuring are a form of surgical dermatology, but at the same time they serve cosmetic purposes.

Since this is very much in vogue these days, several places, such as clinics are offering the entire range of dermatological treatments with fast, visible effects and within financial reach. DermASAP, the dermatology service founded by Dr. Kenneth Reed is one such place which offers state of the art service regarding any problem with your skin. The doctors and their team strive to provide all the latest and varied sorts of treatments of skin that exist.

Whether it is your wrinkles- the inevitable signs of aging, or a fatal skin disease such as cancer; you can have everything treated with superb efficiency at this Boston community serving medical center. Both children and adults are welcome alike, to come and experience the treatments available here, irrespective of what your requirement is. It is not just the treatment of skin ailments, but their detailed and vivid diagnosis is also among the agenda of the employees of this center.

The aesthetic aspect of the skin is primarily handled in the cosmetic dermatology. That is to say, the medical conditions like rashes and cancer are not the ones that are focused at, in this treatment procedure. Rather, the sagging of the skin and how it physically appears is the point of emphasis in this type. The uneven tone of the skin, sun burns, blemishes, aging skin; are all the reasons why you should visit a cosmetic dermatologist. Since this covers the beautification aspect, the health insurance companies do not give insurance for this.

This insurance factor is different in the case of the medical dermatology. Here you are likely to get a coverage, as it refers to that condition of the skin which may be liable to take the life of the individual. For example skin cancer is a fatal diseases and puts the life of a person at risk, hence the health insurance covers this type of dermatology. Also if the sun burns and blemishes are to a greater degree they are better treated by a specialist of medical dermatology.

Although all these three dermatology are distinct in their behavior, yet there treatment procedures often overlap each other and so it is necessary to visit renowned able professionals like those at  DermASAP, in order to ensure that you get the right treatment.

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