The Legitimate Cost and Treatment of Mitral Valve Repair


Mitral valve is there in the heart’s left side, between the upper and lower chamber of the left side. The repair of mitral valve involves fixing the natural system of mitral valve without replacing the valve mechanically or with a tissue valve.

Mitral valve repair – concept:-

Doctors recommend the surgery to repair the mitral valve to get recovery from the severe diseases. Various types of mitral valve ailments do exist.

  • Mitral valve regurgitation –Often the flaps of the mitral valve are not present in a concentrated way. Due to having space in those flaps, the leakage of blood happens and flows into the left atrium. This condition is also called mitral valve prolapse.
  • Mitral valve stenosis – The leaflets become thick or stiff and also they may fuse together. Consequently, a narrowed valve opens and reduces blood flow through the valve.

Treatment for mitral valve disease depends on the severity of patient’s health condition. Numerous surgical procedures exist in our medical world to repair or replace mitral valves, like open-heart surgery and minimally invasive heart surgery.

Techniques to repair mitral valve:-

Three different and most commonly used techniques are there to repair the mitral valve:

  1. Valvuloplasty: Doctors use this technique for doing the proper placement and channelizing the performance of the flaps of valves (or leaflets) to prevent blood flow from the ventricle to the atrium in the body.
  2. Commissurotomy: This is a modified form of valvuloplasty technique. A doctor generally uses this technique when the leaflets of the valve become stiff and both of them fuse together at the base area, which is also called the ring portion of the valve.
  3. Annuloplasty: Annuloplasty is a technique primarily meant to repair the fibrous tissues placed at the base of the heart valve (annulus). Sometimes, the annulus becomes enlarged which enables the flow of blood into the atrium. Often it is very important for the surgeon to implant an annuloplasty.

Factors deciding the cost of mitral valve repair in India:-

  • Method of treatment
  • Surgery types
  • Relevant other treatment necessary in conjunction with mitral valve repair
  • A requirement of pre and post investigation and evaluation
  • Hospital charges and
  • Category of rooms

India generally charges very low cost for the mitral valve repair surgery. Although, India uses same methods and procedures like developed countries. This cost often also varies in our country depending on the diagnosis and conditions of the patients along with the available facilities. Basically, what the developed countries demand are double than what we find in India.

Top Indian hospitals comparatively demand a very low cost than other developed countries to repair the mitral valve. This cost varies city-wise, such as the average cost ranges from Rs. 3, 25,000 to Rs. 4, 00,000 in metro cities. Also, the metro city hospitals keep the highest charges from Rs. 4, 75,000 to Rs. 5, 50,000 for those affluent patients, who prefer treatment of higher costs.

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