Thermalift: More than just a ‘painless facelift’


Getting a facelift has become a staple among men and women who are conscious about their looks. With a facelift, they are able to look younger and fresher, not to mention reduce the onset of wrinkles and other early signs of ageing. But thanks to today’s technology, the usual facelift now comes in different variants-but not all of them are created equal.

Thermalift is a type of facelift that is getting immense popularity these days, mainly because it offers a “painless” procedure compared to the usual facelift. Indeed, being able to skip the painful part of the facelift is a big relief, but this particular procedure offers more than just that.

So what else should you know about getting a Thermalift?


Longer-lasting effects

The benefits of the typical facelift last for about six months, especially when it is not supported with aftercare and maintenance. You may have to go through the procedure again to keep the youthful and glowing look.

A Thermalift however lasts for at least a year. The longer-lasting effects can save a great deal of time, money, and effort since you are not compelled to undergo the same procedure after just a few months just to maintain a younger looking appearance.

Non-invasive facelift

When we say “non-invasive,” this means ditching the injections and painful fillers. It is common to endure these steps in the regular facelift, but not in a Thermalift. Laser technology is used in this procedure, so there is no need to go under the needle in order to defy the signs of ageing.

Another benefit of the non-invasive method ofThermalift is that the target areas are given spot attention, without affecting parts that need no treatment. This procedure thus allows the target areas to blend in naturally with the other parts of the face after the treatment.

Suitable for all skin tones and ethnicities

Ethnicity is a major factor in one’s skin tone, and this also plays a major factor in the development of facial treatments. There are facelift procedures that were designed based on Caucasian skin tones, thus they look better on Caucasian people, but not on other ethnicities. Thermalift however, defies that.

A Thermalift procedure can accommodate any skin tone and type, regardless of the client’s ethnicity. This means anyone can go through the procedure and get the results they expect.

All five layers of the skin

Facelift procedures do not go deep into the skin layers, only on the surface layers that easily age and degenerate, and this is mainly because the invasive techniques may cause irreversible skin damage. Fortunately, this risk can be avoided in a Thermalift.

Since laser technology is used in a Thermalift the inner layers of the skin are reached without the need of invasive procedures, such as injections. The inner layers are given the appropriate treatment, as these layers likewise play a vital role in preventing the onset of skin ageing.

Increases skin elasticity naturally

Perhaps the best post-treatment effect of a Thermalift is that it boosts skin elasticity naturally. Since the inner layers of the skin are also treated in this procedure, these layers are prompted to produce collagen and elastin, which are the main elements in keeping the skin firm but elastic.

Building up on the collagen and elastin also helps prevent the onset of stretch marks, since the skin becomes more capable of withstanding immense sudden stretching usually brought by weight fluctuations or pregnancy.

Increasing skin elasticity keeps one look younger and fresher, mainly because the skin becomes more resilient against both internal and external factors (such as stress, exposure to polluted environments and changing weather conditions) that usually make one look older.

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