Top Reasons Why Your Doctor Advises Not To Remove Skin Tags At Home!!


In a recent study carried out by National Institutes of Health, it has been found that nearly 46 percent of people have the problem of skin tags in the US alone. One good thing about these skin tags is that neither they are harmful nor they are cancerous for our body. But still, people look out for several other ways to get rid of these skin tags. You must be thinking “Why?”, right?

Actually, the people who are actually affected by these skin tags find it hard to cope up with different situations. This becomes more specific when these skin tags grow on different sensitive areas like eyelids, face, underarms, groin area, under breasts and many other areas. As a result, people seek different types of methods to get rid of that.

There are different types of medicinal treatments available for the removal of skin tags, but still at times, people choose to remove their skin tags at home. There are some of the reasons due to which home treatments are not considered as the legitimate option. As a result, in order to help you out, below are listed some of the reasons by the skin tag removal London clinic to have your skin tags removed medically. Let us have a quick look at those reasons:

  • Some of the serious skin conditions may mimic the appearance of the skin tags. As a result, it becomes important to have a dermatologist confirm for your skin tag diagnosis. The serious skin conditions like the malignant skin cancers that include melanomas may represent some of the symptoms that resemble the skin tag.
  • The skin tags at some of the times vary in different cases. The type of treatment that your physician chooses is usually based on the size as well as location and the number of skin tags. The four basic skin tag treatments for medically skin tag removal are-
    • Cauterization- the process of passing the electric current to skin tag and burning the skin tag off.
    • Cryotherapy- the process of freezing the skin tags and then its removal.
    • Excision- the process of removing the tags by cutting the tag off with the surgical scissors.
    • Ligation- the process where the suture is tied around the growth until it falls off.
  • The home treatment for the large or multiple skin tags may lead you towards pain. As the small skin tags are generally treated with minimal discomfort, the multiple or large skin tags may need local anaesthesia before carrying out the treatment. The physician would able to apply proper anaesthetic cream or suggest anaesthetic treatment before they head up towards treating skin tags.
  • Another possible reason for not opting the home remedy of skin tags is the bleeding or local infection. The removal of skin tags through excision usually has the risk of bleeding or having an infection in the treatment area. As a result, the physicians would help you out with this excessive bleeding by promptly handling the bleeding situation while taking appropriate measures for preventing or treating an infection. Another possible danger of home treatment is that it can cause rotting.
  • At rare cases, the development of skin tags may be a sign of the endocrine or the hormonal syndrome and as a result, its home treatment is not possible at all. These skin tags may refer to the syndromes like the acromegaly or the polycystic ovary syndrome. Due to these reasons, it is important to have a medical evaluation before you opt for skin tag treatment at home. The medical dermatologist would perform all the evaluation and will send the suspicious specimens for testing as soon as the skin tags are removed.

Thus, the above-stated were some of the best reasons due to which your doctor advises not to remove the skin tags at home.

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