Types of Facial Treatments to Rejuvenate Dull Skin


No single facial treatment can address all your facial concerns. People go for facial treatments for different reasons. While you may go because you want to rid your face of the frustrating blackheads, someone else may opt to go for an anti-aging treatment. Moreover, you may go for a facial treatment to relax and get a relaxing massage. Thanks to customized facials in Beavercreek, you may get all your treatments in one visit.

What are the types of facials you are likely to have?

Facial treatments may seem like luxurious treatments and a preserve for particular individuals. People fail to understand that a facial can be an essential part of a standard body care routine. However, you may find yourself lost in the facial treatment jargon and feel startled when trying to engage your aesthetician. There are various treatments under facials that your provider will carry out, all of which address your different facial concerns distinctly. The facial types include:


Also referred to as standard facial, this type entails extractions, masking, moisturizing, exfoliating, and cleansing. Thanks to a classic facial calming effect, you are most likely to benefit from the treatment if you have normal or dry skin. Though extractions are safe, your esthetician must first steam your face. However, you might opt to skip the steaming process when you have a skin condition like eczema or rosacea because the intense heat may worsen your condition. Instead of steaming, your provider may use a warm towel.

Lymphatic massage

The massage treatment involves kneading gently various areas of your face. The kneading process relieves facial tension and minimizes water retention. As a result, it stimulates your face’s lymphatic glands. Additionally, the treatment stimulates circulation, giving you a glowing complexion.

Electric current

During this type of facial treatment, your aesthetician uses microcurrent equipment on various parts of your face and neck to administer minimal electric signals. The currents enhance your facial contours by tightening your underlying muscles. The non-invasive treatment helps smoothen your fine lines and wrinkles, leaving you with rejuvenated skin.


Like classic facial treatment, anti-aging uses active ingredients and processes to counteract your aging signs. The processes your health provider may perform include skin resurfacing, cleansing, and hydration. Your aesthetician may additionally incorporate other ingredients like collagen and antioxidant serums to revitalize your skin.


The treatment will be most beneficial when you have dull or sun-damaged skin. The process targets hyperpigmentation, evening your complexion concerns using strong antioxidants. Since the brightening process entails removing dead skin cells, the process forces your aesthetician to combine various ingredients like acid treatments, masks, and enzyme peels.


Also referred to as color light therapy, LED primarily addresses facial concerns like inflammation and breakouts. You will most likely benefit from the treatment if you have acne flares. The professional may also use LED treatment to boost cell growth and minimize fine lines and wrinkles.

Treat your skin to the luxury of facials and enjoy the many benefits that come from perfecting your skin. At PureM.D. you will receive the best facial treatment from professionals that will take care of your skin needs. Contact your aesthetician today to know what facial treatment is right for you.

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