UK based Detailed Description


Adrafinil is a Modafinil-like medication that’s utilized to stimulate an increase in mental energy and an alert state. For all the prospective users living in the United Kingdom, should not worry or wonder about its legality and purchase in the country.

Lesser known facts:

Adrafinil has more positive effect on energy, motivation, mood and alerts in no reaction time. It works on the central nervous system without the common stimulant side effects like anxiousness, irritability and nervousness. With long term plans the medication has some side effects that can range from mild to serious i.e. the increase of liver enzymes, which can happen with use of aspirin or Tylenol. There arises the need for you and your doctor to keep a constant check on liver enzymes level. It is best to discontinue the use if any noticeable rise in the levels of enzymes is noted.

Using in UK:

The National Health Service and Department of Health work, UK in conjunction with multiple agencies share responsibility for medicine regulation and the Controlled drugs fall under the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971 with extra statutory measures being seen in the 2006 Health Act. But it is not controlled which means Adrafinil is legal in the UK and can be purchased  without a doctor’s prescription for a minimum of 3 months usage which is the same by the United States. But it’s still not been approved or regulated by the Food and Drug Administration agency.

Sale Queries:

Developed by a French pharmaceutical company called Lafon, Adrafinil can be used for personal use when buying from some outside sources but cannot be purchased for sale or commercialization in bulk orders. It is best to order online than getting inspected at borders though which should not pose any issue. However, after Modafinil was produced the company stopped manufacturing Adrafinil but the latter is still widely created multiple companies all around the world – in either capsule or powder form. Always read reviews and purchase from a reputable dealer when buying online.

Instruction before Intake:

It is recommended to not exceed 300mg per capsule and beginners should start with lowest dosage possible i.e. 100mg and increase gradually with time as the body adapts. Bear in mind that excess dosage can lead to increase level of liver enzymes and search for best possible effects with low quantity. Alternate the dosage and keep a regular check with doctor regarding the enzyme level. Take it before exam or overnight work but not on regular basis.

Purchasing Details:

There are no vendors for Adrafinil in UK. Therefore, only purchase is through internet. People should not worry as it’s legal to ship to UK but be assured of the product quality, price and trustworthy quality of the medication. It might be tempting to purchase from a Chinese company but always do a reality check as it’s still developing the medicine and may not offer purity. Best vendors are from US, Canada as they deliver high quality Adrafinil.

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