Using Essential Oils to Boost Your Yoga Practices


Yoga is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating forms of exercise you enjoy for many different reasons. But did you know you can also use essential oils to support and create this practice worthwhile? Though that depends on something crucial, like your primitive intent. Many people get so drenched in it as a form of exercise, preferring it all about ‘asana’ or the postures in each asana, that they ignore how deeply it can help us. It energizes and strengthens our bodies and unites us with our consciousness. It reconnects you to something higher and your true self. Plus, it prepares your body to meditate and practice meditation.

The believers of Yoga know that it is actually a way of life and can be used in any way we want. It reminds us of the beautiful feeling that arises when we are in a deeper connection with ourselves. Some of the common reasons to bespoke this practice are to achieve physical strength, flexibility, and mindfulness, breathe, meditate, and remind yourself of a particular set intention.

There are essential oils that support all these reasons and bolster your bespoke yoga practice. These naturally distilled oils meet all the yogic principles you must be living. But when it comes to trying each asana, there is always a hidden purpose you deem to achieve, something specific you come to the mat with. Essential oils hit just there and help you tune into that intention. Let’s read how.

Physical Postures for Strength-Building Yang Practice

The very intention for a really strong class is to maintain physical strength, for which essential oils play a huge role. Their main aim is to prepare the body for meditation and allow us to sit for a long time. Some perfect for creating strength natural oils are lemon, lime, black pepper, peppermint, lemongrass, and cypress. You can leverage their full impact either via energizing diffusion or muscle magic massage.

To Slow Down to Practice Yin and Develop Flexibility

If you want to try a slower, softer practice that helps create flexibility, get these natural essences to help with your flexibility and relaxation. Try either a softer diffusion of mandarin, patchouli, and chamomile or a blend of sweet marjoram, chamomile, geranium, and grapeseed oil for a flexibility massage.

To Align the Breath and Promote Calmness

Sometimes, by just coming to the mat solely to breathe, you can balance the body in times of stress and restore a sense of calmness. But, to enhance this breathing practice, use essential oils like lavender, eucalyptus, ravensara, benzoin, rosemary, and thyme. Try either breath-easy diffusion or a breath-giving inhalator to speed up the outcome.

To Find Mindfulness in Connection to Something Greater

Yoga helps ground you and reconnect you with something superior, i.e., creating awareness. But if you come to the mat with that intention in mind, try cedarwood, sandalwood, myrrh, frankincense, sweet orange, clary sage, rose, or basil oil alongside. Their blend possesses very grounding and meditative properties, and you would want to leverage those benefits via mindful diffusion or meditative spritz.

To Work with Set Intentions

There can be three different blends for some common yoga intentions. First, blend 15 drops of lemon, ten drops of juniper, and five drops of sage dalmatian with 100ml of orange flower hydrolat. You can spritz this mix in your practice space to cleanse the aura. Second, prepare a blend with three drops of rose, two drops of bergamot, one drop of ylang-ylang, and 15ml of grapeseed oil. Use this massage blend to release difficult emotions. Third, mix 2-3 drops each of grapefruit, cypress, and Melissa oils and diffuse this blend during practice to help encourage gratitude and hopefulness.

These many aromatherapy blends are meant to boost the effects of your yoga practice. So, without further ado, get Young Living essential oils and try using them from today only. You will see the instant results on your health and state of mind.

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