What Happens When You Mix Alcohol With Valerian Root?


Valerian is a nootropic supplement that works on anxiety and memory related problems. Unlike other supplements that do not ask for any restriction on alcohol consumption, valerian does it. While taking the Valerian pills you are advised to bring a little change to your food and drink consumptions. As this supplement is sedative in nature, use of few food items or alcohol can amplify side effects causing severe damage to the body.

Why avoid alcohol when taking Valerian pills?

A lot of people take this medicine to get sound sleep and provide relaxation to the mind. Combining alcohol to this supplement can increase the potential of side effects. Like Valerian Alcohol also interacts with GABA receptors inside the brain making it feel relaxed and calm. If you mix alcohol and the supplement, together they can make brain extra calm. It can give excessive sedative effect to the brain, which can be very harmful.

What are the risk factors associated with Alcohol

Alcohol has tendency to disturb your sleep. It can have negative effect on your sleeping pattern. This is the reason why people take Valerian supplement i.e. to make the brain calm and get good sleep. Alcohol can work negatively on the effect of the supplement. In addition, sleeping while intoxicated is very dangerous to the body. This is because when you sleep, your body works on removing the toxins out. When you are intoxicated with alcohol, your body will be busy removing the toxins and won’t get time to perform other important tasks. Therefore, it is advised that you limit alcohol consumption, when on medications.

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Is there any way to have alcohol while taking this supplement?

Although not suggested, you can take alcohol in moderation if you can’t do without it. However, under any circumstances avoid over indulgence as it can lead to a number of diseases in the body including both mental and physical problems. Even if you are taking alcohol in limited quantity, try to drink a lot of water. This will prevent the body from dehydration. Remember, valerian supplement works on the anxiety problems and help you feel calm or get good sleep. There is no reason why you should be consuming alcohol as majority of people take alcohol just to be tension free or get good sleep.

Are there any safety measures to be taken while using this supplement?

Yes. There might be side effects with excessive use of the pills. Therefore, take the medicine in moderation or as per recommended dosage.

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