What to Note on Your First Facial Treatment


Pearland facials are trusted treatments when it comes to enhancing appearances. Though you can achieve healthy and glowing skin at home, seeking a professional is crucial to obtaining quality results. A standard facial treatment entails cleansing, exfoliating, and addressing other aesthetic concerns with peels and masks. However, ensure to consult with your doctor if it is your first facial treatment to know possible treatments and what process might work best in your situation.

Few points you should note before your first facial process

. Have an appointment with your healthcare provider before your treatment

Most medical spas will need you to fill out a form, giving a brief description of your skin and the treatments you would wish to have. However, if it is your first time and you know nothing about the services and which one will best suit your unique needs, you might have a prior consultation with the medical professional. Your doctor will take the time to address your skin concerns and thoroughly evaluate your skin before your appointment.

. Avoid using topical treatments before a facial procedure

Your aesthetician will advise you not to use topical creams before your facial treatment because most of them have harsh ingredients. For instance, the alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) present in most acne and anti-aging creams may leave your face susceptible to irritation. Besides the creams, the medical professional will expect you not to use hard-to-remove makeups like mascara. The time your aesthetician uses to remove mascara might be enough for another treatment like a facial massage. Therefore, the medical expert may suggest you show up at your appointment with a makeup-free face.

. Schedule at least one facial treatment monthly

Exfoliation can be aggressive in some patients. Therefore, if you find the treatment too unbearable, your healthcare provider may advise you only to have a single process in a month. However, your doctor might recommend a maximum of two facial appointments monthly on particular treatments that are not harsh since your skin might need approximately two weeks to regenerate after a facial treatment.

. Watch out for unexpected side effects

Mild discomfort is a standard side effect with facial treatments and might take you time to get relief, depending on your treatment. Contact your aesthetician if you still experience some effects like redness several days after the process. Do not hesitate since it might be an allergic reaction.

. Do not go for your first facial treatment before your big day

Contacting your healthcare provider for your first facial treatment before a big event might not be a good idea. Normal and abnormal breakouts are common after a facial. You do not want to go on your big day with an odd breakout resulting from a subpar treatment done by a newbie aesthetician. Having a not-so-good initial facial does not mean that the treatment is inadequate. Try a different healthcare provider to know which treatments best suit your aesthetic needs.

Finding the ideal aesthetician for your first facial can be challenging. Since the treatment can be overwhelming, getting the right professional will help you get the best results from your treatment. Minimize your chances of suffering from an abnormal breakout by contacting your aesthetician for a medical-grade facial.

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