What You Can Expect to Do on Your a Live-in Care Job


You’re excited about your new career as a live in carer and are well-prepared to enter the world of your clients to make their lives more meaningful and comfortable. What can you expect to be doing each day at the home of your client? This will vary from job to job but the important thing that you need to remember is to clarify your role before the job even starts. Ask your client to make a list before you arrive if you can so that together you can discuss their expectations. Your agency should have an idea of what will be required on the job but speaking directly with your client can remove any doubt or confusion. Let’s look at some of the duties that you may be required to do on your assignment.

Care Job

  • Live in care jobs provide assistance for clients who just cannot do tasks themselves and relief for family members who have been struggling to take care of their own needs as well as those of your client. Having a basic list of the client’s expectations can be used as a tool for making the experience successful for both of you. So beginning with a frank discussion of your daily chores is a good starting point.
  • Ask about the personal grooming habits of your client and ask if they will need your help shaving, showering, or applying make-up. They will feel better about themselves and their condition if they look and feel good about their appearance. You should also ask about the frequency of their personal habits and their preference for when to do these tasks.
  • 24 hour care at home may also include caring for the pets that they have in their home. Will you be expected to walk the animals and tend to their feeding and watering? You may also want to enquire about grooming for the pets and if you will be expected to take them for their grooming appointments. Keep in mind that pets are like family members so your attention to their care and well-being may be a part of your job.
  • Do you enjoy the same hobbies as your client? Do you like to attend the events that interest them? Your agency will place you with a compatible client but if you enjoy some of the same things you’ll find your job is very enjoyable and your client will grow closer to you and will appreciate the quality care that you are providing. Try to learn as much as possible about your client before you arrive in their home so that the expectations of both you and your client will match.
  • You may also be expected to take your client to doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, and running errands. Be prepared to handle all of these requirements.
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