What You Should Know About Upper Extremity Specialists


Upper Extremity Specialists focus on treating injuries on your upper extremity, including the shoulder, elbow, and hand, among other parts. If, at some point, you experience chronic pain or have an injury on your upper extremity, this is the right place to contact for professional assistance. With the specialists, you are guaranteed that they will treat the problem at the moment and find the root of the problem and provide a permanent solution.

What is the upper extremity?

The term upper extremity may not be quite familiar to everyone unless you have been previously recommended to visit an upper extremity specialist. It is a term that is used to define the upper limbs in the human body. It is often classified into four to five categories of the upper body consisting of the shoulder, hand, arm, forearm, and wrist.

There are joints, bones, vessels, nerves, tendons, and muscles within the upper extremity that hold all the parts together. When any part of the above develops a problem, it affects how the entire upper extremity operates, hence the need for a specialist to address the problem. Therefore, you will be assigned to a medical professional who understands the upper extremity functions for detailed diagnosis. After the diagnosis, your upper extremity specialist will recommend treatment and alignment. 

Treatment Options

There are several treatment options when it comes to upper extremity issues. However, it all depends on the problem’s impact and the exact part where the problem has developed. Your specialist plays a significant role in providing or choosing the mode of treatment that will be effective. Before booking you for any treatment, your specialist will start by taking you through various tests to identify the problem’s depth. He/she will start by recommending an x-ray that will show the exact place where the problem is developing. Additionally, through the x-ray, the expert will read your extremity structure, hence directing the healing process and appropriate treatment.

Their Training

Upper extremity specialists undergo the same training as orthopedists. However, over and beyond orthopedists, they specialize in the upper limb instead of learning about the human body’s entire bone structure. This, therefore, allows the specialist to work with people who utilize the upper extremity regularly. In many instances, upper extremity specialists work as team doctors for sports teams and institutions.

Taking care of your arm and hand in general is among the best ways of keeping the specialist away. Therefore, you should consider engaging in various activities that will help you maintain a healthy body structure with minimal doctor appointments.  However, if the problem has already developed, you can always contact a specialist to get professional assistance. It is essential as you choose your upper extremity specialist to only go for a person with a commendable reputation for the job. However, if you are unsure of where to get one, you can always seek recommendations. You can also go to a hospital near you and inquire about recommendations in the orthopedic department. Once you meet with your doctor, ensure to share relevant information to facilitate effective treatment.

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