When Should You Consider A Facelift


Getting old and aging is not an easy process. You watch your appearance change day by day and slowly realize that you no longer look as you did a few years ago. Aging is an inevitable process and cannot be prevented no matter what you do. Wrinkles, fine lines, and creases start appearing on your skin which becomes impossible to remove with home or store-bought remedies.

This is where facelift comes in. A facelift can give you back the firmer, tighter, and fresher-looking skin that you long for. It does not only help restore the youth of your neck and face but can also give you a boost of confidence. If you are wondering whether it is the right time to get a face lift in Pasadena, the following factors may help you come to a decision.

When is the right time for a facelift?

Before starting, you should know that getting a facelift is completely a personal preference and does not do with your overall health. It is done entirely for cosmetic purposes and to regain lost self-esteem.

  1. When your skin starts sagging – As you age, your skin starts losing two essential ingredients required for tighter-looking skin- elastin and collagen. This can cause your facial skin to sag. A facelift can help bring back your old look by tightening the skin on your face and around your neck.
  1. When deep creases start appearing – As your face loses the ingredients to hold your skin together tightly, deep creases or wrinkles may start appearing on your forehead, under your eyes, and near your lips. This also happens because your skin stops producing natural oils that keep your face hydrated. This causes your face to produce more prominent lines and crevices.
  1. When you start looking tired all the time – The worst part of getting wrinkles and folds on your skin is how other people’s perceptions change about you. The signs of aging can cause your skin to look aged and dull, and sagging skin under the eyes is often mistaken as lack of sleep. Therefore, even though you may be full of energy, you may be perceived as tired. A facelift can help bring back the energized look on your face by improving the appearance of your eyes, jaws, neck, and chin.
  1. When you no longer feel confident about yourself – Low self-confidence should be one of your first signs of getting a facelift. Even though aging is natural and happens to everybody, not everyone is able to cope with the feeling of low self-esteem, anxiety, and stress that come with it. You may feel bad about yourself and stop enjoying yourself in public. A facelift will bring back the confidence you need.
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