Why People Should Take Antioxidants Seriously


Unhealthy, a state in which a person is more prone to sickness and stress caused by external factors like pollution, bacteria, viruses and various stressors. There are a lot of things that makes people unhealthy, especially today. You can even say that the cavemen (except eating raw meat) lived a pretty healthy lifestyle. Why? Well… They have an (no choice) organic diet. They got fresh air, fresh water and the only thing that stresses them out is various pain from toothaches, muscle aches and what food they should eat.

Today you got all kinds of things like pollution, more potent bacterias, viruses, unhealthy diet and so on. With so many things that are existent, that is bad, and it’s free and cheap it kind of becomes a no choice. Its fast food versus a high-end restaurant right? The thing is that there are ways to be healthy and one of them is actually very cheap, what is it? One word, “antioxidant.”

Its overrated yet misunderstood: An antioxidant is a funny word, you see even if it’s a very well-known word people don’t really know what it really does. You want proof? Go to the streets and ask some random people about antioxidants, while you’re at it, make sure you go for people that look healthy and you will know that all people are familiar with antioxidants but not all can explain why it’s good for you and they are not alone. This is the reason why not all people are taking it as much as they should.

The easy way to get to know antioxidants: If you want to educate people like your friends or family about antioxidants don’t tell them about oxidation, free radicals, cells and its relation to your health, learn from Apple on how they market their products. Why Apple? Because they don’t sell the tech specs, because if they were, Android products will take their marke. Apple doesn’t really own the technology on their techs. What they have is making people realize that they need an Apple product and that owning one makes sense even if the price is very hefty. The fact is you can tell people something good without telling them the specs, take antioxidants. You can tell people the benefits.

  • It can prevent heart disease
  • It can fight neurological and mood disorders
  • It makes you more resilient to disease
  • It can make you look younger
  • It can improve your vision

What is a cheaper option? There are a ton of sources that contain antioxidants. But the thing that varies from one thing over the other is the number of antioxidants and most people think that you need to buy some expensive preparation to get that and they were wrong. If you haven’t tried products made from the amla fruit (Indian gooseberries) then, you’re definitely missing out. If you want to take an experienced amla juice says, a good doctor, take one from Amla Green.

People are unhealthy, why? Its because people are exposed to a lot of unhealthy things every day and healthy people balance the healthy and unhealthy by eating a well-balanced meal, go on exercise and so on. One of the ways to help balance that is thru supplements like taking antioxidants and if you want one that is not expensive and very effective, try out the Amla Green products.

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