3 Important Facts about Hernia Mesh Lawsuit


All of us have heard of hernia. It occurs when a small internal tissue can push through a flesh opening meant to contain the tissue. If it feels painful to read, you can imagine how it will be to experience it.

A hernia can result from various causes like muscle weakness, obesity, overexertion, and more. Commonly hernias occur in the belly button, inner groin, outer groin, and even the upper stomach. To fix hernias, one needs a hernia mesh.

Hernia mesh surgeries can be open, laparoscopic, etc. These meshes are small netting used to give support to an already damaged or weakened area. But sometimes, the surgeries don’t go well, and this results in damages.

What Is Being Filed In The Lawsuits?

Most of the lawsuits have claimed that the hernia-meshes were not working properly. As a result of such complaints, the FDA withdrew some mesh products for a hernia. The lawsuits have complained that the mesh manufacturers were not transparent regarding the public’s defects, even though they knew about it.

How Are The Hernia Meshes Failing?

Know that the claims tell that there are different ways the hernia meshes have been defective. Some claims have alleged that the mesh has been balling up, migrating, or just not working well with the body. The lawsuits claim that patients have experienced pain, scar tissue, hernia recurrences, obstructions, and infections due to the above faults.

Many have said that the mesh caused abnormal connections between the vessels, organs, and intestines. What’s more, is that there was a build-up of fluid as well at the surgical place. Due to these issues, further surgeries were needed for correcting it.

How To File Consolidated Hernia-Mesh Cases?

If you want to qualify for consolidated Hernia-Mesh cases, then the first criteria are that you need to have been told that you need revision surgery. The resultant surgery should be a result of the malfunctioning hernia-meshes.

However, it’s generally not possible for anyone to even know about the kind of hernia mesh they have implanted. To determine that, you will have to procure copies of your medical records during the implant surgery.

To get the above information, you will have to contact the facility or your surgeon who performed the surgery. If you feel like that’s difficult to do, then you can hire a hernia mesh injury attorney for it as well. With the help of this information, you will decide if you qualify for the hernia-mesh litigations.

Overall, hernia-mesh litigations are filed against various manufacturers who made the meshes. If anyone had to take on revision surgeries to correct the malfunctioning meshes’ issues, they could file a lawsuit. Also, note that anyone who has faced medical complications due to a defective hernia mesh can file a lawsuit against that hernia mesh maker. Before filing a case, it’s advised that you collect all the needed information and make an informed decision.

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