Amazing Facts about Chin Augmentation with Implants


If you want to enhance or change the appearance of your chin, chin augmentation is optimal. A skilled plastic surgeon can add strength to a recessed or weak chin by placing a custom-fit chin implant to improve facial harmony.  Chin enhancement provides a permanent and natural solution. New York chin augmentation center offers treatment with the best plastic surgeons who surgically place chin implants to improve your facial appearance.

What is chin augmentation?

Chin augmentation is performed to increase or reshape the size of the chin, so the appearance of the face looks balanced. Implants are used to add volume to the chin, while bone reshaping is performed to reduce the size of the chin. It is done with facial liposuction and rhinoplasty to acquire the desired facial proportion.  Chin augmentation can also correct congenital disabilities, deformities in the skin, and defects caused by accidents.

Facts About Chin Augmentation

1. Chin implants alter the projection of your chin permanently

During a chin implant surgery, the doctor inserts a silicone implant on top of the bone. While the chin implants are made with biocompatible materials, the body does not break them down over time. This means the benefits of chin implant surgery will be permanent. Skin fillers like Restylane and Juvederm can give a temporary improvement. The best way of getting a permanent modification is via an implant.

2. Chin implants can be subtle

If you want to enhance your chin, you can be worried about what people will say. Not everyone is comfortable revealing that they altered their face surgically. Still, you can have the surgery without flaunting the results to the world because chin implants are available in different sizes to blend with different facial anatomy.  A well-trained surgeon can help you choose an implant right for your face that will look natural and subtly change your look. The goal of a chin implant is to give pleasing results.

3. Chin implant help improve your self-esteem

For the same reasons you change your hairstyle, wear stylish clothes, or apply makeup; facial plastic surgery can improve your self-esteem. Many people want others to admire themselves, but it can be challenging to feel good about yourself when there are aspects of your appearance that don’t look the way you want them to appear. When you are satisfied with the face you present to people, it can be easier to feel more attractive and confident.

4. Recovery time is relatively short

Recovery after a chin implant varies for each person, but many people feel well enough to resume work after 1-3 weeks. Depending on the individual’s surgery, swelling or bruising might be more evident. The common side effect from any surgery is swelling, which goes down in about two to three months. Better results are visible in the next three to six months. If you combine chin surgery with other cosmetic procedures, you should expect a long recovery time.

The main goal of chin augmentation is to restore your facial harmony. Chin augmentation is used to correct an underdeveloped chin or make it more prominent.  It is vital to your plastic surgeon that you approach this cosmetic procedure holistically, considering the harmony and balance between every area and proportions of your face.

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