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Avoid the Flu with These Tips

by on September 12, 2014 0

It is flu season and the virus is going around. Relying on traditional medicine sometimes takes time to kick in and it doesn’t always work. If you have the flu you know that it takes you down and out. Missing work or school can add up […]

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Alcohol Effects and Health

by on August 2, 2014 0

It’s a fallacy that just because alcohol is legal, it means that it is safe. Alcohol is in fact a dangerous drug and a toxin. People often don’t stop to think about the actual damage drinking, especially to excess, can cause to both the short […]

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Workout Safety

by on July 12, 2014 0

Exercise is incredibly beneficial to people, and it can improve your physical and mental health. However, working out, especially with free weights, can be extremely dangerous to beginners and experienced lifters. While working out can be dangerous, there are dozens of ways to help minimize […]

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Dropping the Last 10 Pounds

by on June 12, 2014 0

hat is the difference between lean and ripped? About 10 pounds. Most people notice when they start to get really lean that the fat pounds start to come off slower. It is like looking at the bottom curve of a graph in most cases. But […]

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