Skilled Infertility Specialist Who Understands Your Woes !


Many couples go through the emotional turmoil of being childless besides enduring the social stigma attached by the society they live in. For such couples, visiting an infertility clinic can also be an uneasy experience as they are uncertain on how their family members will react. In many cases, their family members are not empathic to their plight on the issue of infertility. This results in further frustration and loss of self-esteem for such couples.

Fortunately, there is one positive aspect when it comes to the issue of infertility. There are infertility clinics that understand the dilemma that these childless couples have to go through and have a compassionate approach on issue of infertility. One such prominent fertility clinic in America is Cha Fertility Center headed by Dr. Kwang Yul Cha  in Los Angeles. This fertility center focuses its attention on empathic care of such couples so that they can come freely to this clinic and talk about their infertility issue. The experts at this prominent clinic give such childless couples a patient hearing before finding an appropriate treatment for their infertility.

Dr. Kwang Yul Cha is both the Scientific Director at the CHA Fertility Center and the Executive Officer of the CHA Medical Group. He is a prominent medical expert in the field of infertility, who looks after these childless couples when they come to him with their infertility issues. He is a compassionate doctor and understands the predicament that childless couples go through while discussing an issue as sensitive as infertility. He has assisted many childless couples including same sex couples realize their dreams of starting a family. He is renowned throughout America and Los Angeles in particular for high success rates of his treatments.

Skilled Infertility Specialist Who Understands Your Woes

Dr. Kwang Yul Cha was also the President of Ponchon Cha University and served as a Visiting Professor at The Columbia University in New York a few years back. This internationally renowned fertility expert is the recipient of The Best Paper Award in 1998 awarded by The International Federation of Fertility Societies. Dr. Cha is a graduate of Younsei University in Seoul, South Korea. He also completed his Post Doctoral Fellowship from the University of Southern California in Endocrinology and Infertility.

The childless couples who visit him for their treatment will tell you that he is compassionate and approachable. After giving such couples a patient hearing, he will tell them to undergo series of medical tests to determine the appropriate treatment for their infertility. He also conducts counseling sessions with such couples to handle the emotional aspects of infertility. The high success rates of his treatment has enable many childless couples realize their long cherished dream of starting a family. This is the reason why childless couples from all corners of the country come to visit him for their infertility treatment.

The fertility treatments conducted by Dr. Kwang Yul Cha are both safe and competitive. Even the staff and medical experts at this infertility clinic are compassionate and friendly to the plight of such couples. Thanks to the services of this renowned fertility clinic, these childless couples do not have to bear the social stigma of infertile.

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