Tea Tree Oil: A First Aid Must-Have


As much as I trust going to a doctor when I feel there is something wrong with my body, I know that there are also times when the doctor bill may not be worth the trip. And on top of that, sometimes the doctor really doesn’t provide any more remedy than I may have found myself with a little research. As society grows less dependent on pharmaceutical drugs and prescriptions, and gets more educated on natural remedies, we learn that many simple things can be treated if not cured by nature’s products. One of those great products found by man, created by earth is Tea Tree Oil. Tea tree oil, also known as ‘Melaleuca Alternifolia’ is an oil found in the Australian Tea Tree plant. It has been known to help treat various skin conditions and other minor health care symptoms, safely for over 60 years.

Tea Tree Oil

For starters, Tea Tree Oil should not be ingested orally because of it’s potency; However it can be a great topical product to use for various first aid remedies such as cuts and scrapes, mosquito bites, ticks, or even minor burns. Tea Tree Oil works by penetrating the layers of skin, and providing anti-inflammatory and disinfectant properties. It also provides comfort as a first aid product, because it has a cooling effect known to be 4 times more soothing than aloe. Tea Tree Oil can be used as a topical first aid ointment, by swabbing a small amount to the affected area two to three times a day, or as needed until the affected area heals.

One of the next great properties, and most popular uses of Tea Tree Oil comes from it’s anti-fungal elements. Tea Tree Oil has been safely used as an essential oil treating anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal skin conditions such as acne, athletes foot, dandruff, ring worm, even cold sores and boils for many years. Tea Tree Oil can be used topically with a swab for fungal skin conditions such as athletes foot, while it can be diluted and used as a face wash for acne or even added in small amounts to your shampoo for dandruff relief. One of my favorite ways to fight acne is by using handmade organic soap that contains Tea Tree Oil. It not only helps balance the oils in my skin, but my face has been clear for months, since discovering and using Tea Tree Oil as an acne remedy.

And yet, there are still more ways that Tea Tree Oil can be a helpful home remedy. Tea Tree Oil can be used for respiratory relief in times of sore throat, cough or sinus congestion. Just as we would use menthol, or eucalyptus products to help clear our airways, Tea Tree Oil can be used the same way. Put a few drops of the oil in water using your home warm steam vaporizer, or rub a few drops with a swab onto your chest for easier breathing, and congestion relief.

While there are still many other ways that Tea Tree Oil has been found to be helpful, these are just a glimpse of the ways it has been used as a common home remedy. Some like to refer to Tea Tree Oil as a “Medicine Chest in a Bottle”, and it has been noted that the best way to buy the oil is in the organic sections of your local market, packaged in blue glass bottles. As with any essential oil, the blue glass helps protect the essentials from sunlight damage, which can cause the oil properties to be diluted. Never buy essential oils in a clear glass, or plastic container, and always store your oils in a cool dry place for longevity and shelf life. Should you decide to try Tea Tree Oil as a home remedy, be sure to consult your doctor if symptoms worsen, or continue to remain for several days. Tea Tree Oil is a wonderful home remedy, but should not be used in replacement of illness or the advice of a health care provider when symptoms are more serious. Otherwise, enjoy this natural wonder, and be sure to educate yourself on it’s many uses.

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