Why You Do Not Have to Worry About Snoring Anymore


Did you know nearly half of the American population snores at some point in their lives? However, for others, snoring is a perpetual occurrence. Besides being an inconvenience to your bed and roommates, snoring may indicate a severe condition. Alexis Furze, MD, an expert ear, nose, and throat specialist, can offer you the solutions you need to sleep easier. Using innovative treatments and surgeries, his team of experts continues to help patients find a lasting remedy for snoring.

What is Snoring?

Snoring is a significantly common condition that ranges in severity, from a mild nuisance to a life-altering complication responsible for preventing you from getting the sleep and air you need. Snoring occurs when tissue in your nose and throat relaxes and vibrates. Despite commonly happening when you are breathing in, snoring may occur both as air comes and goes.

Causes of Snoring

Almost everybody snores at some point in life. It frequently happens during a cold or after an evening that you drank plenty of alcohol. These temporary snoring issues are perfectly okay and should not concern you much.

However, if you experience persistent snoring problems, it may be resulting from something more severe, such as:

  •       Problems with the soft tissue at the back of your throat and mouth
  •       Obstructive sleep apnea (OSA)
  •       Being overweight
  •       Gender (men are particularly vulnerable)

All in all, there are numerous causes for snoring among individuals. Suppose the complication is constant, preventing you or your partner from getting good sleep; you should schedule a consultation with Dr. Furze.

Is There a Cure for Snoring?

Treatments vary depending on the root cause of your snoring. Dr. Furze begins by conducting a review of your medical history and performs a physical examination. He may resort to an in-office nasal and sinus endoscopic evaluation and a CT scan of your sinuses and nose to identify structural problems. He further examines your throat closely to notice whether your tonsils, palate, or other issues are causing your snoring.

After determining the causes of your snoring, he develops a treatment plan that aims to identify your unique situation. Beginning with conservative methods, Dr. Furze might recommend decongestants, changes in your sleeping positions, and specific lifestyle changes like reducing alcohol consumption and weight loss.

If your problem happens to be anatomical, Dr. Furze is board-certified in head and neck surgery and regularly offers numerous surgical options, such as sinuplasty or septoplasty, to correct your anatomical problem for sustainable results.

Other Services

At Alexis Furze MD, your competent provider offers an array of high-quality services alongside snoring care. You can contact Dr. Furze to receive treatments such as:

  •       Deviated septum
  •       Botox
  •       Rhinoplasty
  •       Sinusitis
  •       Runny nose
  •       Septoplasty
  •       Post-nasal drip
  •       Sinuva


Snoring can be outrightly embarrassing, especially when you have to go for sleepovers. While everyone snores once in a while, the persistence of the same may indicate a severe underlying complication needing expert intervention. Are you ready to receive a lasting cure for your snoring problem? Dr. Furze of Alexis Furze MD has all the answers you need to have a peaceful sleep. Contact the office via phone or using the online scheduling tool today.

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